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          地址:江蘇省·南京市江寧區雙龍大道1222號同曦國際廣場1號樓8F P.O.211100


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            南京云聯電氣有限公司主要經營進口儀器儀表,疑難備品備件。專業的詢價渠道和從業經驗是我們提供具有競爭力的價格和迅捷交貨的可靠保證。 多年來,公司秉承“誠信服務”宗旨,堅持“高品質,高質量”方針,提升管理,開拓市場,實現“企業、員工、客戶共贏”,竭誠為客戶提供周到、優質的服務。公司儀器儀表品牌豐富,產品規格齊全, 擁有專業的售后服務團隊,保證產品備件及時供應。

            公司經營產品已廣泛應用于石油、電力、化工、冶金、鐵路、船舶、建筑、消防、食品等工業與民用領域,并遠銷香港、澳門,東南亞,印度尼西亞、馬來西亞、新加坡、菲律賓、泰國、越南、 蒙古、俄羅斯,南亞:孟加拉、印度、坦桑尼亞中東、非洲等二十幾個國家和地區。公司自成立以來,一直保持著健康快速發展的良好勢頭,經營業績蒸蒸日上??煽康馁|量,穩定的性能,多年優質專業化的服務使得我們的產品遠銷國內外,深受客戶的信賴和支持。

            我們的宗旨: 謁誠以優良的品質、優惠的價格、誠信完美的服務體系與廣大同仁聯手開拓國內市場。

            我們的理念:全心全意,追求顧客滿意,超越客戶期待?! ?/p>

          Nanjing Win Union Automation and Control Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engages in instrumentation and spare parts. We have been established for 10 years. Professional and richful experience are our reliable guarantee for competitive prices and fast delivery. Over the years, the company has been adhering to the "integrity service" principle, adhere to the high quality policy, achieve "win-win" for enterprises, employees and customers.

          The company's products have been widely used in petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, railway, shipbuilding, construction, fire protection, food and other industrial and civil fields, and are exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia, South Asia: Bangladesh, India, Tanzania, the Middle East, Africa and more than 20 countries and regions. Since its establishment, the company has maintained a good momentum of healthy and rapid development, and its business performance is growing steadily. Reliable quality, stable performance and years of high-quality and professional service make our products sell well at home and abroad, and are deeply trusted and supported by customers.OEM3.0M 3.5.png

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